What is Apex?

Apex is a powerful PHP based software platform that allows for the quick, efficient and streamlined development of quality, secure, professional online operations. It's quick installation and modular design allow you to deploy fully customized, robust online systems within minutes, which also provides excellent base systems to begin development of custom systems / packages. The simplicity for the quality is simply unmatched.

Full support for multiple repositories is included, allowing you to easily setup your own public / private repositories if desired. The main public Apex repository is completely free to the public, and includes the base Apex platform plus various base packages such as professional user and transaction management, support ticketing, CRM tools, payment processing, and more. Easily install any package onto any system from any repository within seconds with a simple command. Develop your own packages, and publish them to any existing repository with one command, or easily host your own private repository and publish to it, providing you an excellent platform to sell and distribute your commercial software to your clients.

Here's some of the many benefits Apex offers:

There you go, a good brief overview of why Apex is an excellent PHP framework that deserves your time to check it out. If you haven't already, please check out the Quick Start guide to get started, and get your own install of Apex up and running.