Apex allows for easy communication via e-mail, SMS, and web sockets. Below explains the three methods of communication available.

E-Mail Messages

Easily and securely send e-mail messages, plus also setup your own notification types to trigger automatic e-mails when certain actions occur (eg. user created, transaction processed, etc.). Fully supports rotating SMTP servers, personalized e-mail messages, plus easily add in default e-mail notifications to your packages.

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SMS Messages

Utilizing the Nexmo API, Apex allows you to easily send SMS messages to any phone number or user.

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Web Sockets

Apex also comes with a web socket server, allowing for the real-time transfer of data between server and web browser. Instantly update the browser in real-time as events occur with no delay. Very easy to implement, and get started with.

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2FA Authentication via e-mail / SMS

Easy 2FA authentication via both e-mail and SMS is available for any actions you may want to require 2FA for. Only a few extra lines of code required.

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