Communication -- 2FA via E-Mail / SMS

Apex allows for very easy and efficient 2FA authentication via both, e-mail and SMS. With a simple one line of code you can implement 2FA authentication anywhere within your code. Upon being authenticated, the exact process they were at will continue, including all POSTed form fields. This is useful for sensitive operations such as sending / withdrawing funds, etc.


This is a general purpose 2FA authentication method, will check both global and user settings, then authenticate as necessary depending on the settings. Generally, this is the only function you need to use to ensure a user is authenticated via 2FA.


This function can be used to force 2FA authentication via e-mail regardless of global or user settings.


This function can be used to force authentication via SMS regardless of global or user settings. This will send a 6 digit code via SMS with the Nexmo API to the user's phone number, and display a template requireing they enter the code before continuing.