Crontab Job Component

  |   Description: | Automatically executes at a specified time interval (eg. every 30 minutes, 7 days, etc.), and is used for any automated processes you need to run. Create Command: | php apex.php create cron PACKAGE:ALIAS File Location: | /src/PACKAGE?cron/ALIAS>php Namespace: | \apex\PACKAGE\cron\ALIAS


Only contains the one $time_interval property, which defines how often to execute the crontab job. Formatted in PNN where P is one of the following:

Then NN is simply the number pertaining to the period. For example, M30 means every 30 minutes, W1 means every week, and so on.


Below describes all methods avialable in this class.


Description: Simply contains whatever PHP code you need executed automatically at the pre-defined interval.