Tab Page Component

Description: A single tab page within an existing tab control. Useful if your package wants to add an extra tab page to for example, the manage user account tab control.
Create Command: php apex.php create tabpage PACKAGE:PARENT:ALIAS OWNER
File Location: /src/PACKAGE/tabcontrol/PARENT/ALIAS.php
Namespace: apex\PACKAGE\tabcontrol\PARENT\ALIAS

When creating a tab page, you must define the owner package, so it is correctly included when publishing your package. For example:

php apex.php create tabpage users:manage:bets casino

This would add a new "bets" tab page to the existing "users:manage" tab control, which is displayed when managing a user's account. This tab page will be owned by the "casino" package, and included when publishing the package.

TPL File

A new .tpl file will be created at /views/tabpage/PACKAGE/PARENT/ALIAS.tpl, and needs to contain the TPL / HTML code defining the contents of the tab page.


Below explains all methods within this class.

process(array $data)

Description: Simply performs any necessary actions from previously submitted forms, and also retrieves necessary information from the database, and assigns template variables as needed.